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A Leader's Private Life

Everything a leader does influences his/her family either positively or negatively. In this module Beatrice is presents a contrast between success in the market and success in your family life. She exposes the pitfalls that leaders often fall victim to and discusses strategies to both see these coming and avoid them. She takes the class through the concept and purpose of a family to lay a foundation for the lesson.

Additional Info

Coach: Beatrice Katshunga
Duration: 7 hours
Target Audience: Functioning Leaders
Eligibility requirements: - Proficient in the English language
- Functioning in a leadership position
- Burning desire to transform your community and the world
Required qualities: - Readiness to take ownership and responsibility of your own growth and learning
- A servant-hood spirit (servant leader)
- Willingness to inspire and encourage others
- Humility
- Openness to change

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